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The state does not recognize women’s right to life without violence!

There is no single day that women are murdered; no single day that we are not subjected to violence! While we have been expecting the state to take steps for preventing these murders and violence and punishing the murderers the decision to withdraw from İstanbul Convention, published in the Official Gazette in midnight on March 19, 2021 torments our lives. By its decision to withdraw from the İstanbul Convention Turkey’s state government announces that it is giving up to protect women from all forms of violence. It is clear that this decision will further encourage the murderers of women, harassers, rapers.   For the first time in Turkey’s history the state withdraws its signature from a human rights convention. What is more frustrating is that

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Democratic elections can only take place under democratic circumstances and in a peaceful atmosphere

Turkey will be holding a new round of parliamentary elections in less then 5 months after the elections held on 7 June. High Electoral Board has announced: “We can make it on time”. Meanwhile, the conflicts, bombings and retaliation attacks, that started after the suspension of the resolution process by the government prior to the elections on June 7, are still going on. People are being killed. The kids, youngsters and people at all ages are being killed; causing the greatest of all grieves to their loved ones. Cities are under blockade. Funerals are not allowed on the basis of “security reasons”. Neither our bodies nor our corpses are safe now… How the elections will be safeguarded under these circumstances? How it will be secured

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Electoral gender quotas – a major electoral reform

Gender quotas are numerical targets that stipulate the number or percentage of women that must be included in a candidate list or the number of seats to be allocated to women in a legislature. They aim to reverse discrimination in law and practice and to level the playing field for women and men in politics. Gender quotas, as they mostly regulate political parties’ actions, underscore the notion of political parties as the ‘gatekeepers’ through which citizens pursue opportunities for political leadership (Dahlerup 2006). Therefore quotas play a critical role in providing meaningful and effective opportunities for female party members to access elected public offices. To date, gender quotas have proved to be the single most effective tool for ‘fast-tracking’ women’s representation in elected bodies of

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Enough to talk, it’s time to act!

Statement issued by the Global Civil Society Advisory Group to UN Women Date: 28th July 2014 International organizations and governments are suffering from a serious misconception: a belief that words suffice. They do not. No one is fulfilling the first six words of the UN Charter “to maintain international peace and security” by simply ‘denouncing’ situations. The Charter makes clear the need “to take effective collective measures”. It is action that is needed, not only more words. We must focus on one of the most urgent examples—the appalling and tragic human rights abuses that are being committed against women across the Arab region and elsewhere in the world. Less than one month ago, a leading female social activist, politician and lawyer Salwa Bugaighis was shot